Raising Capital-籌集資金

Raising Capital can be a daunting task. Finding the right trusted partner to assist in the capital raising sphere can determine a company's success and direction. Noble Securties can help identify target investors worldwide.

Broker Dealers-經紀人

For those companies seeking to raise investment capital in large tranches it is often required to employ a broker dealer or an investment bank. This can help speed up the process of capital procurement.

Business Strategy-經營策略

For companies looking to sell their company or those that simply would like to scale their business, Noble Securities can assist. We help with business strategies for those that want to grow and coach companies ow to structure themselves for an eventual sale.
Noble Securities – About Our Firm

Noble Securities – About Our Firm

Noble Securities provides a wide range of business and financial services to a wide-range of companies, investors, and entrepreneurs. Corporations, high net worth individuals, hedge funds, government and others throughout Asia, Europe and North America utilize our services for a vast array of needs.

Equity Capital Markets. Noble Securities can assist companies seeking to raise equity. Whether in the form of a limited partnership, SICAV or other corporate structures, or whether in the public and private sphere, Noble Securities team is well positioned to assist.

Debt – 144A/Reg S/Reg D/Global Note. Noble Securities can assist with a vast array of debt securities needs. For those companies seeking to raise debt in the 144A or Reg S market, a comprehensive offering memorandum would be required. Our team and our network of attorneys can write your private placement memorandum or public prospectus for any debt issuance.


Noble Securities can assist with M&A needs, including the overall strategy of selling ones business, the due diligence process and price negotiations. Our team is globally positioned and our client base is spread throughout the world’s most popular business jurisdictions.  We provide guidance on a gamut of business dealings, including private placement offerings, business plan strategy, mergers, sales, investment banks to choose (or broker dealers) acquisitions, and much more.